Annual Fund


So, what is the Annual Fund? While tuition dollars pay for faculty salaries, utility bills, curricula supplies, and other regular expenses; gift dollars to the Annual Fund pay for the additions and enhancements that will take the educational experience at OPS to the level necessary for student success in today’s competitive world.  Funds will be used for school-wide impactful projects such as adding additional courses, new technology and enhancing the classroom environment.  The goal of the Annual Fund is to eventually raise enough funds to replace a majority of fundraisers that take place throughout the year. 

This year’s Annual Fund will be used to make much needed improvements to the Lower and Upper Campus Libraries with new furniture and the latest technology.   I’m sure you all remember spending time in the libraries on both campuses. And, believe it or not, much of the same furniture is still there! It’s time for an update!


Please take time today to simply click the link below to contribute to the Annual Fund and help provide more opportunities for current and future students of our alma mater.  All contributions are tax deductible.


To view our latest Annual Fund Report of Giving, please click the link below: (Updated February 24, 2017.)


Annual Fund Donors 2016-2017


Our Annual Fund Kickoff is set for October 1, 2019.

Details will follow soon.