College Counseling

Revised 06.16.2021


Contact our Guidance Office for any questions concerning scheduling, courses, scholarships, grades, or to schedule a conference with one of our teachers.


Announcements from the Guidance Office

Here are some web sites to check out for financial help for colleges:


Good Sources for free SAT/ACT/PSAT/NMSQT Practice

Reminders: Please make sure your student has applied to at least 3 - 4 colleges, especially if their grades and/or test scores are not stellar. The most popular colleges in SC continue to become more difficult to be accepted to, so other schools should be applied to as well.


Click on each topic for more information:

  1. Top Apps for Test Prep
  2. Five Free SAT Apps Worth Downloading
  3. Click here for more information on taking the SAT.


Announcements / Opportunities

  1. Parents, don't forget to work on your FAFSA so that you will be ready to submit when your W-2's are returned to with total yearly income. Check with each of the colleges that your student has applied to for their FAFSA deadline!
  2. Seniors applications to colleges should be submitted by application deadlines. It is encouraged to apply the earlier, the better! Also, make sure you have submitted your SAT/ACT scores to each college you are applying; colleges usually require the scores to come directly from the testing company (you can do this online).
  3. If you want an early start on financing college, go to This will give you an idea on what is available. Example: If your child is interested in teaching, search on this site for the TEACH program!